Why Can’t I Have Health Insurance?

Why can’t I have health insurance?  After all, I work full time in real estate and held a 2nd job in retail until the demands of real estate forced me to give it up.  Neither job provided me with health insurance.

I had insurance through the state of Connecticut, but after earning $14000 last year, I was informed by my case worker that I earned way too much money to be eligible for state funded health care.  Instead I was told that I was on a spend down.  That means if I am willing or forced to take on over $5000 in medical debt, the state would then provide me with health care.  How am I supposed to pay for $5000 in medical bills if I only earned $14000 last year?   Food isn’t free, it costs money not to live on the streets, and unless I’m wrong, no one can practice in the field of real estate for free either.

Most of the renters that come my way are also saddled with more medical debt than they will ever be able to pay off, so their credit is lousy, and unless they have someone to co sign for them, they are forced to live in unsafe areas no one wants to live in.  How will these people, who have had the misfortune to get sick in this country, ever afford to buy into the American dream of home ownership?

Last week I attended Realtors at the Capitol.  One of the issues addressed is the Connecticut Legislature’s unwillingness to allow realtors to band together as a collective bargaining group solely for the purpose of buying affordable health insurance at group rates.  Our legislators have health insurance most of us would give our eye teeth for, but realtors, who pay taxes on their earnings, are left out in the cold.  People who don’t work at all get full health care coverage, but not realtors so what’s wrong with this picture?

Having lived in Vancouver, BC for 8 months I now understand why their healthcare system is so far superior to ours.  Not only do the working poor get to pay into the healthcare system but they also get to access it.

Why Can't I Have Health Insurance


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