Would Common Courtesy Make the World a Better Place?

“Would Common Courtesy Make the World a Better Place?”

Yesterday one of my Facebook friends told us of an elderly woman who dropped her packages while entering the post office.  No one would leave the line to help her, except for my friend.  Did the others think that, like the characters in the Kinko’s holiday commercial, she was just trying to trick them out of their place in line?  Are people so harried, they would penalize someone for helping this woman and not allow them to resume their place in the queue? Has the real message of the season become so lost under the pressure of buying and sending gifts many of us can’t really afford, that we can’t help someone in need, even when it costs nothing?

Would Common Courtesy Make the World a Better Place?

Would Common Courtesy Make the World a Better Place?

I’ve always felt that if everyone were just bare minimum courteous, the world would be a more humane place.  Have you ever held the door for a long line of people?  Did any of them say thank you?  How did you feel about those who thanked you versus those who didn’t?  Do you feel differently about being asked for a favor if someone says, please?  Growing up, we were indoctrinated to say please and thank you.  My girls were raised the same way.  Saying please and thank you makes a real impression on people.  Maybe because we just don’t hear it enough.

Perhaps courtesy is like positive thinking.  The more we practice it, the better the impact it has on our own lives and the lives of those around us.

As a side note, my friend posted today that she had some wonderful things happen to her and that maybe it was some kind of karmic payback.  If you aren’t already practicing common courtesy, and you know who you are, then start now and see if your world doesn’t become a nicer place to live.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my place. Brilliant minds think alike – at least that is what I always heard growing up. My great-grandmother, Ruth Rhodes, taught me many things as a child. The ones I treasure most are those based on the bible.

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